The Bethany Center for Champions (BCC) was founded by Bethany Church in 2009.  In cooperation with the West Orange community, a vision was formed to provide a center for youth and families.

Research has shown that the hours immediately following school is when teens are most likely to participate in destructive behavior.

Redeeming the Critical Hours: 3-6 p.m. What time of day – not of month, but of day – do teenage girls get pregnant? In short, when are they having sex? It turned out that it wasn’t the weekend but the workday; it wasn’t midnight but mid-afternoon…then came the study asking what time of day juvenile crimes were committed. Once again, the most popular hours were between 3 and 6 p.m.…When 75% of the mothers of school-age children are working, millions are left worrying about the hole in the day.
-Ellen Goodman, Philadelphia Inquirer

The Bethany Center for Champions is an after school Christian safe haven for youth. This ministry is maintained by the members and friends of  Bethany Church in an effort to support the spiritual, social, physical and academic needs of our community’s youth. The Bethany Center for Champions strives to be distinctively Christian in all that we do and all of our ministries include a Bible lesson.